past shows:


Sunday 6/26 @ Potrero del Sol Park
Potrero & 25th, San Francisco
12:30-4:00 PM, free
BrutalSFX Noise Picnic
DJ Winamp 5000

Sunday 8/14 @ 21 Grand, Oakland
5th Annual Transbay Skronkathon BBQ
live broadcast at
Ettrick performs at 10PM sharp.

Saturday 9/10 @ Stork Club, Oakland
Hurricane relief benefit with Taco Truck, Amy and
Randy Lee, Ned, Rangles, John Hoppin and Tank
Attack. DJs Miso, Megaweapon and 1-time. Door, tips
and a portion of the bar go to

Friday 9/23 @ La Solea, San Francisco
w/ Jesse Quattro
dance performances by:
Group A (Modern)
Jose Francisco Barroso (Afro-Cuban)
Shinichi Momo Koga and inkboat annex ensemble
Sangumay Ordona and Akanksha Kejriwal (Odissi)
Kali Futnani (Bharatanatyam)
(live music and dancing nonsimultaneous)
8PM, sliding scale
19th Street between Mission and Capp (next to Little

Saturday 10/22 @ 21 Grand, Oakland
w/ Oaxacan and Eat the People

Monday 10/24 @ Mama Buzz, Oakland
w/ Ghost to Falco & Atman the Sibling

Sunday 10/30 @ ArtSF, San Francisco
Noise Pancakes w/ RHY Yau, Filthmilk,
Slicing Gramps' Cement Rubbers and Shrill.

Saturday 12/3 @ KFJC (89.7 FM,
w/ Moe Staiano (Moe solo, Ettrick duo, combined trio)
tune in at 4PM

Friday 12/9 @ ATA, San Francisco
w/ Silentist and The Better to See You With


Wednesday 1/11 @ Stork Club, Oakland
Ettrick feat. Moe Staiano
w/ Oaxacan, Vholtz & Joshua Churchill

Thursday 2/23 @ Stork Club, Oakland
Ettrick feat. Moe!Staiano + Mike Guarino
w/ Bran(...)Pos & Core of the Coalman

Wednesday 3/15 @ Hemlock, San Francisco
Ettrick feat. Weasel Walter
w/ Murder Murder & Leavenworth,
Ghost to Falco & Shaky Hands

Wednesday 3/22 @ Stork Club, Oakland
w/ The Stabs, The Cars The Doors
and Kreamy 'Lectric Santa

Sunday 4/2 @ Delta of Venus, Davis
w/ Oaxacan & Eddie the Rat

Thursday 4/27 @ Hotel, Portland
w/ The Better to See You With, Green Milk from the
Planet Orange, RedBird w/ Josh Hydeman & Still Hunting

Saturday 4/29 @ Weapons, Portland
Cacophony w/ Two Oboes, Eet, (Co)Sine, JM Ginsberg, Subterrane, Redbird w/ Josh Hydeman & uxe mede

Friday 5/5 @ 924 Gilman, Berkeley
w/ Crom, Doomsday 1999, 16 Bitch Pile-Up,
Child Pornography, Erebus Nyx and Styx
& an uninvited grind band

Saturday 5/6 @ Elbo Room, San Francisco
w/ Crom, Doomsday 1999, 16 Bitch Pile-Up

Saturday 5/20 @ The Lab, San Francisco
Mission Creek Music Fest: Ettrick feat. Moe! Staiano
w/ Tussle, Jackie O Motherfucker & Weasel Walter Quartet

Thursday 6/1 @ Stork Club, Oakland
Ulfhenar (Ettrick side project) w/ Three Muhammads

Saturday 6/3 @ Restore Maximum Freedom III, Davis
w/ The Advantage, Erase Errata, Oaxacan, etc.

Friday 6/30 @ The Bakery, Oakland
w/ Oscillating Innards, Sergio Iglesias & The Latin
Love Machine, Eustachian, Tralphaz & Razors + Lasers

Saturday 7/15 @ KFJC, Los Altos
as part of S[WPOT] Ensemble

Monday 7/24 @ KFJC, Los Altos

Friday 7/28 @ Kimo's, San Francisco
w/ Sergio Iglesias, Tank Attack & Shearing Pinx

Sunday 7/30 @ 21 Grand, Oakland
Edgetone New Music Summit
w/ The S[wpot] Ensemble & Jason Robinson

Wednesday 8/9 @ Stork Club, Oakland
w/ Oaxacan, Sword + Sandals & One and Seven Death

Sunday 8/13 @ Fools Foundation, Sacramento
w/ Oaxacan, No Doctors & One and Seven Death

Monday 8/14 @ Il Corral, Los Angeles
w/ Oaxacan, Anavan, Toecutter, Knight Rider, Ora Kogan & One and Seven Death

Tuesday 8/15 @ Scolari's Office, San Diego
w/ Oaxacan, Ghost Ship & One and Seven Death

Tuesday 9/5 @ Toxic Beach, San Francisco
w/ Abiku & Gavin Newsome

Sunday 9/10 @ Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco
w/ Vholtz

Saturday 9/30 @ 21 Grand, Oakland
w/ Flˆssin, Antimatter+Wobbly, Thomas Dimuzio & Allen/Smith/Winant

Monday 10/9 @ Rotture, Portland
w/ The Better To See You With

Wednesday 10/11 @ Rhinoceropolis, Denver
w/ Berserk Handbone, Weak Sisters & Wild Dogs

Thursday 10/12 @ UW Club 770, Madison
w/ Hive Mind, Moth Drakula, Cadaver in Drag & Charlie Draheim

Friday 10/13 @ Organ Haus, Minneapolis
w/ Squidfist, Styrofoam Duck & Jose Bove

Saturday 10/14 @ WNUR, Evanston

Saturday 10/14 @ Elastic, Chicago
w/ Dead/Bird, Tralphaz & Vadim Sprikut

Sunday 10/15 @ 8th Note Cafe, Milwaukee
MNFIW, Expo 70, I-Beam & Sonic Typewriter

Monday 10/16 @ Behind the Green Door, Detroit
w/Dead/Bird, Noise Noamds, Tralphaz & Kvlts

Tuesday 10/17 @ Carabar, Columbus
w/ Sword Heaven, Tralphaz & Dead/Bird

Wednesday 10/18 @ Bank, Baltimore
w/ Tralphaz, Dead/Bird & Bird from Nowhere

Thursday 10/19 @ TT the Bear's, Cambridge
w/ USAISAMONSTER & Animental

Friday 10/20 @ Cake Shop, New York
w/ Little Women, Bad Faces & Under Satan's Sun

Saturday 10/21 @ Haunted Cream Egg, Philadelphia
w/ Chakra Khan Air Pirates, Bird from Nowhere & Rain of Belle Isle

Tuesday 10/24 @ Ruby Green, Nashville
w/ Taiwan Deth & The Most Amazing Century of Science

Wednesday 10/25 @ The Dragon's Den, New Orleans
w/ Rob Cambre

Thursday 10/26 @ House of Tinnitus, Denton
w/ Boyscout Manual

Saturday 10/28 @ Hatch Gallery, Pasadena
w/ Robedoor, Bow+Arrow, VxPxC & Murmur

Tuesday 11/14 @ Thee Parkside, San Francisco
Elf Ass (Ettrick+Tralphaz) w/ Bran(...)Pos, Anti-Ear, Head Boggle Domo in Auralsize, Ploc Munster & Tarpita Fleisch

Saturday 11/18 @ Thee Parkside, San Francisco
w/ Sergio Iglesias & the Latin Love Machine, Murder Murder & The New Flesh

Thursday 11/30 @ The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco
w/ darph/nadeR & Ant Lion


Thursday 1/4 @ Hemlcok Tavern, San Francisco
w/ One and Seven Death, Oaxacan & Who's Your Favorite Son, God?

Sunday 1/7 @ Arc Cafe, San Francisco
One and Seven Death w/ Swords & Sandals, Chen Santa Maria, Foque Mopus & The Moms

Monday 2/12 @ 21 Grand, Oakland
w/ Zs

Wednesday 2/14 @ Blue Lagoon, Santa Cruz
w/ Mammatus & Zdrastvootie

Sunday 2/25 @ CCA Verbierboten, San Francisco
Godwaffle Noise Pancakes: Elf Ass w/ Hand Cranked Ensemble, Slusser, Kent Jolly and his Bloodmusic Drainophone & Compression of the Chest Cavity Miracle [Ezra Buchla]

Saturday 3/10 @ Stork Club, Oakland
w/ Slow Children, Mute Socialite & The Late Severa Wires

Tuesday 3/27 @ Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco
w/ Noxagt, Acre & Marissa Magic

Saturday 4/21 @ Rhinoceropolis, Denver
w/ Clan of the Cave Bear, Thomas Kinkaid, Zoologist & Spellcaster

Sunday 4/22 @ Grinders Annex, Kansas City
w/ Clan of the Cave Bear, This Is My Condition & Expo '70

Monday 4/23 @ 805 Kendall Dr.
w/ Tap Tap Taparoo Part III

Tuesday 4/24 @ Garfield Artworks, Pittsburgh
w/ Golden Arm Trio, Bronze Age & Heroes

Wed 4/25 @ Warehouse Next Door, DC
w/ USAISAMONSTER, Elliott Levin/Scott Verrastro Quartet, Heule/Korber/Levin/Verrastro

Thu 4/26 @ Studio B, Brooklyn
w/ Lightning Bolt, XBXRX, Aa, High Places, Dan Deacon and Bug Sized Mind

Fri 4/27 @ Avant Gentlemen's Lodge, Philadelphia
w/ Plotkin/Wyskida, Normal Love & Heule/Korber/Plotkin/Wyskida

Saturday 4/28 @ Skylab, Columbus
w/ Face Place, Times New Viking & Clan of the Cave Bear

Sunday 4/29 @ Schuba's, Chicago
w/ XBXRX & KK Rampage

Monday 4/30 @ WNUR, Evanston
3pm broadcast.

Monday 4/30 @ Club Azucar, Chicago
w/ Mark Solotroff, Death Factory & Winters In Osaka

Tuesday 5/1 @ Points East Pub, Milwaukee
w/ MNFIW, Sonic Typewriter & A Volition Trio

Wednesday 5/2 @ Nottingham Co-op, Madison
w/ Bastard Trio, Tzaraath & the Killer Dolphin with Rabies

Thursday 5/3 @ The Church, Minneapolis
w/ Squid Fist, Old Colony & Peace Creeps

Friday 5/4 @ Chatterbox, Lincoln
w/ Flamethrower & the New Music Agency

Sunday 5/20 @ The Lab, San Francisco
w/ Can't, 16 Bitch Pile-Up, Micose and the Mau Maus, Panty Animal, HISSEATERS, Tullan Velte, That Hideous Strength, John Davis & T. Hahn

Sunday 5/27 @ Terminal, Oakland
w/ Hisseaters, Red Voice Choir, Pebbles and Bam Bam, Shark Attack, Tarantism & Panty Animal

Wednesday 6/27 @ ATA, San Francisco
w/ Woman's Worth, Mari Caust & Sword and Sandals

Saturday 6/30 @ Fools Foundation, Sacramento
w/ ???

Wednesday 7/4 @ The Bus, San Francisco
w/ Sword & Sandals, Leavenworth, Weasel Walter, Reagan's Memory, etc.

Saturday 7/14 @ The Bus (15th & San Bruno), San Francisco
Ettrick vs. 16 Bitch Pile-up w/ Sixes vs. Tralphaz, Tullan Velte, Rahdunes vs. Tank Attack, T/R vs. Core of the Coalman & Read it and Weep

Sunday 7/29 @ Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut, Oakland
Ulfhenar w/ Epileptinomicon, Alee Karim & Heule/Karim Duo

Thursday 8/2 @ 21 Grand Oakland
Ettrick feat. Jorrit Dijkstra w/ Pterodactyl, T.I.T.S. & Big Nurse

Thursday 8/30, 8:30pm
@ Nestor's Fuckhole, San Diego (336 Front St, El Cajon)
w/ Fortress of Amplitude, HRS/DYS vs. Zsa Zsa Gabor, Cheese Chasers & Touch Puppy, Get Dizzy

Friday 8/31, 9pm
@ The Smell, Los Angeles (247 South Main St)
w/ Old Time Relijun, Mr Tube, & Lucky Dragons

Saturday 9/1 @ a loft?, Los Angeles


4/5 LOS ANGELES @ WOMEN w/ Pukers, Kevin Shields, & Rale
4/6 PHOENIX @ TRUNK SPACE w/ Wingnut, & Love Songs Monster Songs
4/8 DENTON @ HOUSE OF TINNITUS w/ Abiku , Mistress, & Party City
4/10 ATLANTA @ RELAPSE THEATER w/ Divided Like a Saint's, & Church of the Snake
4/11 DURHAM @ BULL CITY HQ w/ Chest Pains, & In the Year of the Pig
4/12 PHILADELPHIA @ BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN w/ Tweeter, Dave Smolen, & French Erections
4/13 PROVIDENCE @ 50 AGNES W/ Black Pus, 2up, & Ruiner
4/15 BOSTON @ PA'S LOUNGE w/ God Willing, Privy Seals, & Rugburn
4/16 BROOKLYN @ LUCKY CAT w/ Little Women, & Talibam!
4/18 CLEVELAND @ PAT'S IN THE FLATS w/ Clan of the Cave Bear, Self Destruct Button, & MaryClare Brzytwa
4/19 COLUMBUS @ SKYLAB w/ Noumena, Psychedelic Horse Shit, Crowds, & MaryClare Brzytwa
4/20 CINCINNATI @ ART DAMAGE LODGE w/ Wasteland Jazz Unit, DBH, & Bad People
4/21 CHICAGO @ AV-AERIE w/ Binges, & Slave Trade
4/22 MILWAUKEE @ BORG WARD w/ Peter J Woods, Dear Astronaut, & Slow Owls
4/23 MADISON @ NOTTINGHAM CO-OP w/ Bastard Trio, & JoAnne Pow!ers Trio
4/24 MINNEAPOLIS @ MEDUSA w/ Squid Fist, Jose Bove, Sloven, The Hair, Thieves, & Batter Recharger
4/25 IOWA CITY @ HALL MALL w/ Binges, & Nimby

Thu 7/17 @ Balazo Gallery, San Francisco (18th and Mission)
w/ Rubber O Cement, Amir Coyle, Hora Flora, Mikey Yeda, Bleachy Bleachy Bleach, & Take Up Serpents. Designs on the wall by Arachnid Arcade and Amir Coyle.

8/3: 15th & San Bruno, SF

10/3 @ Huffin w/ Thrones, Silentist, Burmese